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Thursday, 10 - 01 - 2013

I’m taking a workshop at Wintec at the moment in Hamilton and I’m being taught by quite incredible men, Scott Spencer and Sean Castle.

They’re teaching me how to use UDK and ZBrush.

Scott is possibly my idol at this point, being where I want to be in X years. 
They’re both amazingly talented and inspirational. Scott being American is interesting too. The only time I ever hear an American is when I’m watching TV. He’s really nice though, he has given me food for the last two days, and yesterday I really needed it. What a cool guy!

Anyway, here are the things I have created in ZBrush so far. This is my last day on this workshop and it’s been such an amazing experience. 

Note: I did not create the demon head model, I only painted it. I made all the detailing and tone though. I’ll post a more detailed summary of how I painted it later on.